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Protect the human rights of migrants

In Québec, as in Canada, the pandemic has highlighted the essential work that is very often carried out by migrants. The pandemic also revealed that the human rights of migrants, in particular their economic and social rights, are often violated. In many cases, they are vulnerable to exploitation because of their precarious or non-existent migration status. Our economy and our society depend on these people: we can no longer turn a blind eye. Together, we must act to ensure the protection and enjoyment of human rights for all. 

If the pandemic has revealed anything, it is that no chain is stronger than its weakest link: each of us is essential to the well-being of the collective, and the most vulnerable play a crucial role.  

We must speak out for the human rights of migrants. Regularization is an effective way to protect their rights, while recognizing their contribution to our society and our economy, in times of pandemic and beyond. 

We are calling for a broad and inclusive regularization program, in Quebec and in Canada. 

Take action and call on federal and provincial immigration ministers to implement a regularization program that is as inclusive as possible. 

This petition was updated in March 2023.  

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